Patriot Coalition & Oath Keepers Join Forces

Patriot Coalition & Oath Keepers Join Forces to Educate U.S. Citizenry About “Intolerable Acts” ALERT: NDAA WEBINAR: THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2012 “NDAA WEEDS & UNDER THE ROCKS!” SEND RESOLUTION REQUESTS, QUESTIONS, & ENDORSEMENTS wrcg on Broadcast Live Free Watch live streaming video from theintolerableacts at

Congress gives President power to suppress free speech!

ALERT: Congress gives President power to suppress free speech!

NOTE from Patriot Coalition National Director Jeff Lewis & Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes:

The Patriot Coalition/Oath Keepers model NDAA resolutions were prepared by Mr. Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers ( a Yale Law Graduate who specializes in the application of military law to civilians, and Mr. Richard D. Fry, a constitutional law attorney and General Counsel for Patriot Coalition (

We are asking you and your organization to endorse the P.C.O.K. resolutions. This entails agreeing to promote the P.C.O.K. resolution to your public servants and other groups, and placing “The Intolerable Acts” logo  with a web site link on your group’s page and we will put your group’s website and a hot link to it on the P.C.O.K. web page for your state. You will also be listed on the site as an endorser. Please contact the following to endorse this comprehensive response to the NDAA: